Nationwide Fulfillment Company and Warehouse Distribution Center

Offering pick and pack services, warehousing and distribution, kitting fulfillment, storage inventory management, and logistics services to execute every kind of program.


If you’ve got a fulfillment or logistics challenge where you need a resource that really partners with you, understands the unique challenges of your category, and sweats the details to make sure every project is accomplished with rock-solid reliability and precision, then you need the proven expertise of TRG Fulfillment.

No matter the fulfillment or logistics challenge, TRG order fulfillment services furnish every client with the highest level of nationwide fulfillment services. Our Los Angeles fulfillment operations have everything needed to carry out your business’s warehousing and fulfillment needs.

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We help you routinely exceed your customers’ expectations. Establishing outstanding communication with clients means we develop fulfillment processes together that address your specific ecommerce order fulfillment needs. Talk to us about the details of your fulfillment, logistics, and/or warehousing needs. Our years of experience and our extensive expertise and familiarity are available to you, including:

  • • Pick and Pack Services
  • • Warehouse Distribution Services
  • • Kitting
  • • Inventory Management
  • • Ecommerce Fulfillment Services
  • • Fulfillment Logistics

We realize that we have many competitors in ecommerce fulfillment. Los Angeles and its surrounding areas contain the infrastructural assets that make it a prime location for warehousing and fulfillment companies:

  • • The Port of Los Angeles is a major shipping hub.
  • • Several area airports provide lines of delivery and shipping.
  • • Rail lines provide economical ways to ship and receive goods.
  • • Interstate highways run throughout the region, allowing easy access to trucking routes

Our care in assessing your needs sets us apart from the others. Our fulfillment center professionals routinely identify innovative efficiency improvements. TRG’s commitment to quality and excellence goes hand in hand with our proven record of economical solutions. Efficiency and accuracy never play second fiddle to cost considerations in our fulfillment warehouse.

Los Angeles may have other warehousing and fulfillment operations, but none matches the quality of services of TRG Fulfillment. We deliver the services you need, quickly, accurately, and economically. We handle jobs of all sizes and volumes. However, no matter how large the job, we never lose sight of the details, allowing us to provide you with results backed by rock-solid reliability and precision.

Talk to us about our proven record of responsiveness, experience, and cost-effectiveness in warehousing and ecommerce fulfillment services. You will see why we have built so many great business relationships.

Pick and Pack

If you need flexible, affordable Pick and Pack, we’re a state-of-the-art solution.

Kitting Services

Shipping grouped items in sets is a breeze with our kitting services

Storage & Shipping

Our top-flight facilities and resources give you cost-effective flexibility.