TRG Fulfillment Nationwide Distribution Services in Los AngelesOur distribution services optimize supply chain efficiency for businesses of all sizes. Hundreds of marketers and brands rely on our 15 years of experience for on-point distribution support from our state of the art Los Angeles fulfillment warehouse.

Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Sales

With the proliferation of multi-channel and omni-channel selling, our clients need a distribution center that can immediately adapt to your distribution or order fulfillment needs. At TRG Fulfillment we combine innovative distribution techniques with years of experience in warehousing and distribution services to provide accurate and timely distribution for our clients.

Keeping You in the Loop

At TRG Fulfillment we make it easy for you to keep tabs on your items during the distribution process. By carefully evaluating our distribution warehouse processes, we increase your overall cost-efficiency. Our inventory management system safeguards against misplaced or damaged inventory items and prevents customer order cancellation due to slow order fulfillment services.

We know how important it is for customers to be able to check on the precise status of their order. Our state-of-the-art reporting systems give customers peace of mind by allowing them to check on their orders’ status, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. TRG Fulfillment integrates our proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS) with each of our clients’ inventory systems to provide a seamless data connection for access to product data and location. We also have programmers available to customize a system for clients and any special requirements.

TRG Fulfillment Agility

Our broad range of distribution services provide a solid fit for businesses of any type or size. Companies of the same size, even in the same category, have varying distribution needs, and TRG Fulfillment serves them all, from managing and documenting movement of items with special handling needs, to launching broad-scale shipments.

The TRG Fulfillment Distribution Advantage

With 15 years of outstanding warehousing and distribution services, TRG Fulfillment assures:

  • Cost-efficient distribution logistics
  • Attentiveness to the individual requirements of every business, including health care, retail, ecommerce, and entertainment
  • High-quality, secure, and technologically-advanced warehouse facilities
  • A full slate of value-added services
  • The ability to safely handle products from arrival through shipping, including returned items
  • On-demand product information to track products 24-hours a day
  • Top-of-the-line inventory controls
  • Easy access to multiple transportation modes, including LAX, the Long Beach Port, and a national and international network of railroads and highways

TRG Fulfillment distribution services provide quick and accurate delivery of your products to your customers and your selling channels. This results in happy customers and better profits for your businessContact us today to find out more.