TRG Fulfillment offers unparalleled Direct Response Television (DRTV) fulfillment services that are designed to save you time and money.

How? By giving you turnkey handling and management of your customer and order data and sales, returns and exchanges. We also track inventory and ship products that are part of any DRTV fulfillment job.

Our DRTV Fulfillment Program

Our DRTV fulfillment services offer you…

  • Warehousing and Inventory Control:  With warehouse and inventory control, we take care of all the product tracking, storing, and data needs you may have. Through this service, we combine and coordinate many e-commerce systems, including inventory systems, customer management systems, data management systems, and sales tracking.
  • Order Fulfillment:  As far as we’re concerned, no order is done until it’s been completely fulfilled: we aren’t happy until everyone else is. That’s why we offer order fulfillment. By assigning bar codes to products for careful tracking and organizing, we monitor inventory and fulfillment scrupulously, making sure all numbers and data are accurate.
  • DRTV Freight Management:  You obviously want to be sure your products get shipped and delivered to the right place and the right people in a timely and organized fashion. That’s exactly why we track your products as carefully as we’d track our own, making sure your orders are shipped accurately and affordably.
  • DRTV Continuity Programs:  There’s little point offering continuity programs unless your customers actually know about them. With this service, we make sure they do. We also assure the proper inventory is kept in stock, shipping addresses are accurate, and credit card numbers and billing information are accurate.
  • DRTV Retail Chain Shipping: Through our retail chain shipping, TRG Fulfillment is able to make sure the supply chain works smoothly, with as few bumps as possible. It’s also a useful service for keeping shipping costs down and meeting all expectations.