Racked - Nationwide Warehousing Inventory Management ServicesTRG Fulfillment applies the latest warehousing technology to all our clients’ accounts, delivering exactly what your business needs to flourish.

A well-planned fulfillment warehouse allows us to efficiently employ assets to our clients’ maximum advantage. TRG Fulfillment’s 15 years in logistics and fulfillment gives us the insight in all the detailed processes of excellent warehousing services and how to coordinate them to get you the best possible results.


Improper oversight of inventory slows down fulfillment timetables, due to misplaced items, damaged stock, or order cancellation resulting from time delays. At TRG Fulfillment, we apply world-class methods of inventory control while staying agile and innovative. TRG Fulfillment addresses all aspects of proper inventory control, including:

  • Consistent inventory records of stock location
  • Efficient and logical warehouse floor layouts to speed the order fulfillment process and eliminate misplaced products
  • Stringent warehouse security to protect all inventory from theft and damage

Los Angeles California - Nationwide Warehousing Inventory Management ServicesTRG Fulfillment’s distribution services extend beyond shipping and receiving. We offer clients a number of value-added warehousing services:

  • Labeling and ticketing of products
  • Assembly of various components: receiving the pieces, managing them through the building process to the finished product
  • Kitting design to combine multiple items into one package such as a “multi-pack” or bulk packages for club membership stores
  • Pallet configurations to address your company’s requirements:
  • Single-product configurations
  • Mixed-product pallet configurations
  • Custom configurations for retail outlets or other applications


TRG Fulfillment takes delivery of your inventory then seamlessly processes the shipment of those products from our distribution and fulfillment center to your customers. As a leader in the industry, we consistently provide the best Los Angeles-based national and international distribution services.

Nationwide Warehousing Inventory Management Services in Los AngelesAccess to LAX, the Long Beach Port, major interstate highways and railroads and our established relationships with a variety of trusted and respected shippers make it simple for TRG Fulfillment to expedite any client request.

Our world-class shipping and warehousing services allow you to maximize profit through enhanced efficiency and accuracy. The ability to track every piece of inventory from arrival to departure—whether it leaves in its original state or as part of a larger assembled package—involves a number of carefully coordinated steps. TRG Fulfillment has the skills and facilities to ensure the best possible results for your product distribution and fulfillment jobs.

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