Nutraceutical Product Fulfillment - TRG Warehouse ServicesIt goes without saying that maintaining personal health and beauty is a huge part of American consumer life, and nutraceuticals play a bigger and bigger role in that.  That’s why we offer turnkey nutraceutical fulfillment services that help your customers to get the supplements, vitamins, and products they want, while optimizing the resources you devote to executing that part of your business – so your budget goes further.

Through our expert nutraceutical fulfillment offerings, we manage your customer and order data, handle your customer service complaints and questions, and process any sales, returns and exchanges that may come up, as well as dealing with shipping, storing and logistics need as they arise. All of which goes a long way toward relieving you of headaches and hassles.

Our Nutraceutial Fulfillment services

  • Nutraceutical Warehousing and Inventory Control: We take care of all the product tracking, storing, and data needs by combining and coordinating multiple e-commerce systems, including inventory systems, customer management systems, data management systems, and sales tracking.
  • Nutraceutical Order Fulfillment: We fulfill every order with time-test accuracy and expertise, by assigning bar codes to products for careful tracking and organizing, constantly monitoring our inventory systems and making sure all data and reporting are timely and precise.
  • E-Commerce Nutraceutical Fulfillment: We can either help you create an e-commerce fulfillment infrastructure, or work with your existing one to manage all your e-commerce needs, including shopping cart design, real time order tracking, returns management, credit card processing and integrated troubleshooting.
  • Print Production: We’ll also help you save time and expenditures by coordinating all of your printing needs, just as we do for many national marketers; our expertise in print production and document logistics makes us an all-in-one solution for many clients.
  • Nutraceutical Direct Mail:Through our direct mail platform, we get your marketing materials in the hands of the people most likely to want your products.  We target the specific audiences and demographics you’re after, and use flyers, brochures, catalogs, postcards, and a variety of other materials to drive awareness and purchase of the supplements and vitamins you offer.