Pick and Pack Fulfillment Services in Los AngelesPick and Pack is a key step in the supply chain management process. Our Los Angeles warehouse and logistics center provides high-volume and high-quality Pick and Pack execution for a range of companies. Located near LAX, the Long Beach Port, downtown Los Angeles, and major interstate highways and railroads, we get your shipments into the field quickly.

That includes national and international distribution through B2B and B2C channels for major marketers who need to expedite their Los Angeles Pick and Pack operations to get shipments into the field immediately. Our clients rely on TRG Fulfillment for services including rework projects, product postponement and storage, and ecommerce fulfillment.

TRG’s fulfillment clients who need to replenish or restock retail outlets know we complete our work with superb speed and accuracy, helping their supply chain function quickly and cost-effectively. Our digital reporting and warehouse management systems make sure each customer can stay in the loop on the status of any job.

Grab The Advantage in Pick and Pack Fulfillment

  • Customizable Systems: TRG’s proprietary warehouse management system (WMS) adapts to meet your exact requirements. With custom programming WMS will integrate seamlessly with your systems.
  • Flexible Workforce: Our cross-trained labor pool and strategic use of temporary labor let us manage volume spikes so distribution costs parallel your revenue.
  • Agile Order Processing: TRG can receive orders via phone, fax, mail, web, e-mail, or EDI (electronic data interchange), and with full EDI compliant programming capabilities.
  • Inventory Management: Our system adapts to manage your requirements for product rotation, lot control, and cycle counts for high-volume fulfillment with high accuracy. We deliver industry-leading performance on order accuracy and on-time shipment, and our RF-enabled WMS maximizes accuracy and labor efficiency.
  • Experienced Team: TRG’s management team has a wealth of experience in distribution and fulfillment. We can evaluate your current operation and identify opportunities for cost and service improvements.

Fulfilling Clients’ Expectations

We engineer our Pick and Pack fulfillment and distribution processes to be safe, efficient, and accurate. Our staff is expertly trained and experienced. Our warehouse is laid out to maximize productivity and efficiency, minimizing travel time and distance between frequently associated items. Workers pick the ordered products and prepare them for shipping by packing them into individual containers, pallets, or boxes. At every step, we take extra care to ensure the integrity of each product, including its packaging.

B2B and B2C

TRG Fulfillment expedites Pick and Pack so marketers can swiftly move products from the distribution or fulfillment warehouse straight into the hands of consumers. Our warehouse facilities will safely store your inventory. Our staff easily navigates our holdings to locate and identify each item ordered so that they can be speedily forwarded for shipment preparation. Plus, we work closely with you to deal with rework projects and solve product postponement issues.

Serving Your Retail Network

TRG Fulfillment will partner with you to ensure an efficient, responsive, and cost-effective retail supply chain. We’ll make sure your goods get to retail with the speed and responsiveness you and your retail outlets need. Our distribution center relies on digital reporting and management systems that allow us to notify our clients of a job’s status at any time so they know how soon their products will reach the shelves.

Need a Los Angeles Pick, Pack and Ship fulfillment warehouse? Contact the team at TRG Fulfillment today. We have 15 years of experience and customer satisfaction that is available to you.