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Today’s consumers have access to a plethora of products via a monthly subscription box. From pet treats to clothing & cosmetics, consumers relish the convenience of receiving items on a regular schedule without the need to reorder each month. Fulfillment of product subscriptions requires expertise in many areas. With 15 years of experience, TRG Fulfillment gets the right products to the right customers, providing nationwide subscription fulfillment from our Los Angeles facilities.

High Quality Subscription Box Fulfillment Service

Quality subscription box fulfillment encompasses many warehouse and distribution functions:

  • Receiving: With 15 years of experience, TRG Fulfillment ensures clients’ products are received with proper handling.
  • Warehousing and storage: TRG Fulfillment’s secure and well-organized storage facilities and our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) means decreased losses due to product damage.
  • Pick and pack: While many subscriptions remain the same month after month, others vary. TRG Fulfillment has both the agile warehousing resources and experienced staff to correctly identify, locate, and pull items for each monthly subscription box fulfillment.
  • Kitting: TRG Fulfillment brings all the items together for assembly in our clients’ specified containers. We handle standard repeat subscriptions that use the same packaging and presentation each month, as well as specialty subscriptions that vary month-to-month and require more specialized kitting activity.
  • Shipping: We ensure proper shipment of subscriptions so our clients’ products get to their customers.
  • And more: TRG Fulfillment has the technology and experience to handle mid-cycle subscription upgrades, changes, and payment issues.

cosmetics, makeup fulfillment - TRG fulfillment in LA

TRG Fulfillment: Handling Subscription Fulfillment for All Types of Products

New subscription services succeed by finding a fulfillment service to handle all aspects of the venture. TRG Fulfillment has the infrastructure and the knowledge to handle all types of subscription fulfillment needs:

  • Monthly reorders of the same products so a consumer never runs out of an item they regularly use
  • Monthly sample grab bag items like cosmetics and pet treats
  • Staple items such as food (we’re food certified), clothing, and diapers
  • Subscription programs with varying schedules, e.g., once a month, once every three months, etc.

There is no better way to ensure a steady flow of business than to regularly deliver customers a product they love. TRG Fulfillment makes it possible to generate consistent revenue streams through our subscription fulfillment service. Get started today!

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