Lewis Dawes – Sorority Specialties

I’ve been with TRG Fulfillment for over 3 years now and they have been amazing to work with. I’ve moved out of state and wanted to find a local fulfillment company to work with, but I couldn’t fine another company that I felt comfortable trusting to handle my fulfillment needs and representing my business an a way that I’ve come accustom to using the Regan Group. As in life things haven’t always been smooth and mistakes do happen, but they always take care of things and are incredibly responsive.”

Kate Growney – Saffron James

TRG Fulfillment has always treated me like their biggest client — even though I’m probably their smallest. They are always there to help me no matter what size of a job I have. The success of my company is reliant on building a team of partners that I can trust. They always come through for me.”

German Ruiz – The Vital Image

Thank you for your continued focused help and support. You have been helping our business for a few years, now, and the very few problems that have come up have never been out of your neglect but from a need to change the ways in which you handle our customers. Although some of these ways are “special” circumstances it is so refreshing to know that instead of apologizing you have been flexible to customize these in ways that are sometimes even better than what I have proposed.

You have taken out the stress of handling emergencies and meeting customer needs quickly and efficiently. Customers place orders and we have no worries after that because of your professional way of doing the job.

Daniel N. – Waliki Toys

Our company had initially considered TRG but chose a cheaper alternative. After a few months we realized our mistake and signed up with TRG. We have been working with them for 5 years and couldn’t be happier.

They handle all our orders, from small, online store orders, to large PO’s from demanding national companies. TRG is able to handle all fast, giving us very minimal work so we can concentrate on sales.

The few times that a problem arose, TRG’s staff was a short phone call away and we quickly found a solution. When we started we were a very small company and grew together with them, but the excellent treatment and priority our business receives has never changed. They believed in us, and we believe in them.