Travel and Tourism Holiday Package Mailings - Fulfillment WarehouseTRG Fulfillment, as a leading fulfillment and distribution company, has the right set of solutions for reaching people who need a vacation.

Sure, everyone needs a vacation at practically any given minute, but different destinations appeal to different demographics or audience segments at different times of the year.   One critical marketing period for vacations?   The winter holiday season.   So if you own a travel company or work in tourism, then travel and tourism holiday package mailings are a terrific option for you.

TRG Fulfillment handles all the logistics of assembling travel collaterals and sales materials into attractive presentations and delivering it to your best prospect potential vacationers at the busiest time of year. We’ll also prepare and ship packages targeting potential convention attendees, workplace excursions and other groups.

Turnkey travel and tourism mailing services

TRG Fulfillment offers turnkey, economical and effective travel and tourism mailing services that provide maximum impact:

  • Print Production and Management:  We work with you to coordinate all your creative and printing requirements, from initial design and copywriting to print production.
  • Literature Fulfillment: We deliver all types of media on travel and tourism to a broad spectrum of individuals.  But TRG Fulfillment can even help you carefully target the right recipients, saving time and money. Another useful service we supply for personalizing a tourism marketing mailing is pick and pack, where we’ll pull together the correct set of items for each mailing.
  • E-commerce Fulfillment Services:  For companies gathering online requests for travel and tourism information, we provide various tools to efficiently handle fulfillment:
    • Shopping cart design
    • Real-time order tracking
    • Credit card processing
    • Troubleshooting
  • Inventory Control and Warehousing Services: We’re a leading provider of warehouse and distribution logistics and services.  Our proven record in accurate inventory control means you don’t need to worry about your materials — we’re taking terrific care of them.  This includes freight and tracking, shipping and receiving information, inventory status, report issuance, fund tracking and troubleshooting.
  • Direct Mail Services: Our prominence in warehousing and distribution doesn’t mean we don’t give close attention to smaller items. Direct mail is one of the most effective tools in the travel and tourism industries,  a proven method that’s useful  year-round.  Using your own audience analytics or by supplying them ourselves, we target your marketing materials at those most likely to take you up on a travel package offer.   It’s a service you won’t get from most other fulfillment companies.
  • Web Tracking:  We give you the ability to use online monitoring to track monitor your program’s status at any time.

Paris - Travel and Tourism Holiday Package Mailings - Fulfillment WarehouseWant to find out more about how we can help you optimize the results from your next travel and tourism mailing?  Contact our team today!