Warehouse Plus: TRG Fulfillment’s Warehouse Management System

Barcode - Warehouse Management System - TRG Fulfillment WarehouseProper inventory management paves the way to increased profits. TRG Fulfillment uses state of the art technology to expedite your fulfillment, distribution, storage and shipping needs. That includes our own full-featured integrated and efficient warehouse management system (WMS): Warehouse Plus. 

Maintained by our IT team with 24/7 monitoring, Warehouse Plus allows us to provide you with maximum flexibility and responsiveness.

A top WMS has to keep everyone that’s involved in warehouse and distribution processes in the loop about how that process is functioning. This includes the ability to pinpoint where inventory is at during key phases of the process, as well as address any issues that arise. Warehouse Plus is adaptable to almost any situation. If anything demands attention, Warehouse Plus allows the right person to receive accurate data immediately, whether that person is in the front office, on the warehouse floor, or out in the field.

Inventory management involves multiple processes within warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment, including:

  • Los Angeles Fulfillment Warehouse WomenTracking inventory levels to ensure customers may access and retrieve inventory when they need it. To facilitate the process, TRG Fulfillment employs a variety of proven labeling and stocking strategies.
  • Tracking fulfillment orders so they move through the warehouse and distribution process seamlessly and reach their destination in good order. Skilled and trained workers expedite the process with efficient labeling practices for easy identification and location of inventory.
  • Monitoring sales levels to assess what items need to be replenished and producing sales reports and other documentation to track transactions. By properly interpreting sales figures, the correct amount of inventory is always on hand: never too little (causing delays when demand exceeds availability) and never too much (leading to excess storage expenses).
  • Tracking delivery of items shipped out from our fulfillment center to ensure they reach your customers.

High-level inventory management requires not just knowledge of available technology, but the ability to put it to good use. We employ many tools, including scanners, individualized reports, and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology. We work to integrate with your systems to provide seamless service, both inside our facilities and beyond. By applying the right tools to the right tasks we provide the utmost efficiency and accuracy, earning the goodwill of your customers.

TRG Fulfillment also provides custom computer programming to create and launch special requirements and requests to suit the demands of our clients. If we need to create a customized solution to meet a client’s specific need, our programmers develop an effective solution.

Intelligent Inventory Management: The Heart of Our Promise

As an industry leader, TRG Fulfillment knows how essential inventory management is to delivering superior order accuracy and on-time shipping services. Inventory is the lifeblood of our business and we know it’s just as big a factor in our customers’ success. That’s why TRG Fulfillment leverages every resource necessary to intelligently manage inventory, allowing you to optimize the cost efficiency of your fulfillment, distribution, or warehousing jobs. Saving you time, headaches, and money is part of what we promise — and provide — for every customer.

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Warehouse Management System - TRG LA Fulfillment Warehouse