Why Choose TRG Fulfillment CenterEvery day we deliver world-class processes for businesses around the world — businesses that live and die by their supply chains, fulfillment operations, and logistics partners.

Our clients benefit from our intelligent, cost-effective execution across a wide range of fulfillment services including ecommerce fulfillment, order management, order fulfillment, parcel delivery, pick and pack, kitting, warehousing, storage inventory management, subscription fulfillment, print production and more.

TRG Fulfillment is in the business of tackling those challenges each and every day, and we’ve delivered fulfillment & warehousing services for companies of every size and specialty for more than 15 years.

Here’s a complete manifest of the reasons why we’re your smart choice: 

Los Angeles fulfillment with International reach

We’re next door to LAX, the Port of Los Angeles and other massive shipping and logistic hubs, and we’re tied into the national and international grids that drive speedy fulfillment, shipping, sourcing and more.

Order Fulfillment across a wide range of categories

We have experience handling projects from a wide array of companies: Consumer packaged goods, ecommerce, entertainment producers, financial services firms, advertising agencies, healthcare providers. We deliver the same accurate and agile service no matter the company.

Expertise in a host of services

Need storage? Logistics support for your supply chain operations? Pick and pack? And you need it now? We take on your toughest challenges and take the hassles off your desk.

Responsiveness and accountability

At TRG Fulfillment, we pride ourselves in providing top-quality customer service to all our clients. With on-the-floor senior management we have top-level hands on all your projects ready to solve every problem and every question.

Digital integration

Our proprietary Warehouse Plus system and other digital tools allow detailed tracking and reporting on every aspect of your projects. We seamlessly integrate this reporting info into your platforms. If needed, we can even help create an ecommerce website or a digital promotion to support your business.

Print production, premiums sourcing, and other extras

As a partner in your business goals, we offer design services with a complete print production/premiums sourcing team, including creative staff. Need to produce a piece of collateral or special premium? Turn to us.

A proven track record in fulfillment & warehousing

Over 75% of our business is repeat business, and it’s been that way for 15 years. All of us at TRG Fulfillment pride ourselves in being a leader in West Coast Fulfillment and our history of client satisfaction is a testament to that.

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