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Home Goods

In today’s marketplace, the need for advanced technology and efficient fulfillment practices is vital to the success of your company. We provide all the fulfillment support your home goods business needs as well as custom solutions for irregular sized or fragile items.

Home Goods

Hit a Home Run with TRG Fulfillment

Did you know that online sales of home furnishings and housewares account for nearly 20% of the overall market, and is becoming the second-fastest growing merchandise category? Our experienced staff is staying up-to-date with the growing home goods marketplace. Online merchants are also expanding their product lines as well as leveraging many different analytics and advanced personalization technologies to convert these customers.

If you are a home goods vendor selling materials such as home gardening equipment, cookware, appliances, soft furnishings, decorative accessories, or furniture, we know that means you have a lot on your plate and need sound supply chain management to work alongside the growing business you’re seeing. TRG can be your one-stop shop for your budding home goods business.

What we offer:

The warehouse space and organization to manage your product line, no matter the size.

The flexibility to allow for growth and expansion of your product line.

The security and conscience care to protect your valuable items – before and during the shipping process.

The staff and systems to process orders quickly and accurately.

The state-of-the-art WMS, 3PL Central, to provide 24/7 access to inventory and sales data so you always know what’s happening in your business.

The most cost-effective shipping options we can find to help save you money.

We know how important quality fulfillment is to your business success, so you can trust TRG to treat your business like it’s our own because that’s our top priority. Our team of experts are here to put you at ease while you concentrate on expanding your business.

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