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Merging World Class Marketing with Logistics – How Both The Regan Group and TRG Fulfillment Helps You Succeed

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Merging World Class Marketing with Logistics – How Both The Regan Group and TRG Fulfillment Helps You Succeed

July 03, 2022 John Wie

What you may not know about TRG Fulfillment is that one part of our world class logistics business has connections to our sister company, The Regan Group. This direct link can be of great help to grow your small business through our unique knowledge of both the marketing and logistics world. In this blog post, we will discuss the inception of both TRG and The Regan Group and the importance of how both are tied to give you the best experience from the beginning to the end of your customers’ experience.

A great fulfillment warehouse needs experienced personnel, the most up-to-date technology, and important relationships with key logistics players. However, they should also be able to offer a bevy of toolsets to help you best reach your customer and provide a world-class marketing suite and team to guide you to success. At TRG Fulfillment, we are able to provide our customers with both a full-service integrated marketing team and robust design services due to our long-standing second arm of the company known as The Regan Group

How Both The Regan Group and TRG Fulfillment Were Created 

How did both organizations begin? Patti Regan, CEO of TRG Fulfillment, founded The Regan Group originally 30 years ago. She started the business to bring marketing support to many Fortune 100 companies and help strategize the best campaigns. The company is still a creative and powerful marketing force today. 

10 years after The Regan Group’s inception, Patti then saw a need in fulfillment and shipping with many of her clients like Blockbuster Videos and other entertainment studios, who were moving into retail distribution, shipping promotions, and moving home entertainment goods. At first, Patti expanded The Regan Group itself to help with storing and supporting her clients by purchasing and managing warehouses, but eventually, this side of the business became large enough to facilitate the creation of the TRG Fulfillment Warehouse business as we know today.

Even though the two entities may not live under the same name, Patti made sure to create these two businesses side-by-side to directly help one another, supporting many of her now warehouse clients with the marketing capabilities honed at The Regan Group. 

The Importance of Having Marketing and Fulfillment Work Together 

Why is having the marketing capabilities from The Regan Group important for TRG Fulfillment Warehouse clients? Having this unique combination helps bring TRG Fulfillment the best of both worlds: experienced logistics professionals and experienced marketers to help clients create the best and most effective strategy campaigns. With our unique dual set-up, clients can choose to work with just one side or the other (along with both!) depending on their needs which helps keep our team nimble as well as experienced to investigate a wide array of campaigns for clients. Some examples of past campaigns include helping a client drive e-commerce sales by building out the necessary assets and online support to supporting another client with an influencer campaign to get more visibility and driving interest in a product. We understand both sides of fulfillment and marketing well and bring in experience and flexibility into our support. This means that we can help successfully guide your customer’s journey from beginning to end, where the customer discovers your product with our marketing support to the final shipment that we can help you track through our 3PL and experienced employees. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our fulfillment and/or logistics process, please contact us here.

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