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With so many niche services these days, cobbling together your fulfillment pipeline can get tricky. We house a full suite of services under one roof so your fulfillment is truly, fully- integrated. TRG offers an industry-leading Warehouse Management System and a team dedicated to the success of our clients.  We can help you solve even the most complex logistics or fulfillment challenge.

B2B Fulfillment + Distribution

Keeping shelves stocked with the latest and greatest keeps shop owners, managers and customers happy. From large wholesale orders for retail giants to ‘mom and pop’ shops, we have you covered with smart customized solutions.

B2C eCommerce Fulfillment

We offer a full service experience for our Business-to-Consumer e-commerce clients by providing a seamless, turnkey solution for your business. With our Warehouse Management System, you’ll sleep better at night knowing you can pinpoint where your inventory is 24/7.

Inventory Management

Our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System, 3PL Central, intelligently monitors and tracks your inventory levels, sales levels, and fulfillment orders all the way through to delivery. Our digital integration information is at your fingertips 24/7. No delays, no surprises – just reliability.

Fulfillment Consulting

Every business is unique. Our experienced consulting team will help you design a fulfillment plan to distribute your products quickly, safely, and effectively.


Returns are an unfortunate reality, but with our skilled team and efficient systems, we’ll turn your products around and handle refunds and refurbishments as quickly as possible. We want you and your customers to be happy!

Marketing Materials

Need printed materials to go out with your orders? We can make it happen – on time AND on budget. With our full-service integrated marketing team, TRG Marketing Services, you have access to our team of designers and marketing experts – just one more way partnering with TRG helps set you up with success.

Kickstarter / Crowdfunding Fulfillment

Don’t let all the overwhelming details steal the excitement about your new product. We’re here for you – as consultants, experts, and your partners in a successful launch and beyond. From product assembly, packaging, warehouse management, marketing materials, and more, you have our full support.

Order Shipping

Our warehousing and fulfillment is highly efficient with 99.8% of orders processed within 24 hours.

Amazon Fulfillment

If your business sells its products via Amazon, it may be helpful for you to know that we are an authorized Amazon fulfillment house. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process, sort out your options, and find the right solutions to get your products to your customers accurately and efficiently.

Storage and Shipping

With two strategically located secure warehouse sites and our Warehouse Management System, we offer unmatched cost efficiency and flexibility. Whether shipping domestic or global, our innovative and effective warehouse fulfillment strategies ensure short shipping times and reduced costs.

Logistics Services

There’s more to this than a warehouse and some shipping supplies. You want an expert team, combined with state-of-the-art logistics technology, backed by experience, and a passion for your success. At TRG Fulfillment, you get all this and more.

Kitting, Assembly, and Specialty Services

With a keen eye for detail, we build customized kits of any size, personalized to meet the highest standards of any customer.

Pick and Pack

Once an order is received, the items are picked, packed, and shipped by our expertly trained team using our sophisticated management system that lets you know what’s happening every step of the way. Each warehouse is arranged for maximum efficiency and accuracy.


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