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Inventory Management

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Inventory Management

Our state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System, 3PL Central, intelligently monitors and tracks your inventory levels, sales levels, and fulfillment orders all the way through to delivery. Our digital integration information is at your fingertips 24/7. No delays, no surprises – just reliability.

Inventory Management
Inventory management

The Foundation of Fulfillment

Accurate inventory management is essential for a successful fulfillment process – it’s the brains of the entire operation. With our properly organized warehouse and cutting-edge technology, processes, and procedures, TRG Fulfillments avoids what some may consider as ‘usual challenges’ in the fulfillment business: misplaced items, damaged products, and inventory discrepancies that can cause shipping delays and frustrated customers.

A well-planned and organized warehouse, on the other hand, makes everything run smoothly and keeps customers happy. For 20 years, that’s what we’ve done by applying world-class methods of inventory control while remaining agile and innovative. From receiving to logical warehouse placement to careful handling, our dedicated warehouse staff will make sure your products are effectively managed every step of the way.

checkmark Consistent inventory data with 3PL Central WMS

checkmark Efficient and logical warehouse floor layouts

checkmark Stringent warehouse security

checkmark Well-trained and experienced staff

3PL Central

TRG Fulfillment provides superior inventory management by utilizing the latest warehouse technology. Maintained by our IT team with 24/7 monitoring, our Warehouse Management System, 3PL Central, offers the following:

Seamless integration with your shopping cart platform

Fully customizable solutions with cloud-based access 

Ability to pin-point inventory at key points of the fulfillment process

Sales level tracking

Capability of managing all your SKUs in one place

Fast, accurate reporting 24-hours a day, 365-days a year

Ability to address issues as soon as they arise by immediately contacting the appropriate TRG representative – whether on the floor or in the office

With 3PL Central, you can sleep soundly knowing your business is being taken care of and always monitored.

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