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Kitting, Assembly, and Specialty Services

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Kitting, Assembly, and Specialty Services

With a keen eye for detail, we build customized kits of any size, personalized to meet the highest standards of any customer.

Kitting done right

TRG Fulfillment’s Los Angeles kitting and assembly team have years of experience in all aspects of kitting and order processing. We meticulously follow every order’s specifications and alterations, so every shipment is perfectly prepared, packaged, and shipped to your customers.

How kitting works

Warehouse kitting services allow for individual components of an order to be packed together and made ready for shipment. For example, computer retailers are known to offer their customers a collection of peripherals to purchase with the computer, so naturally, they will need all-in-one shipment. A kit bound for a retailer may include collateral or point-of-sale that’s been explicitly ordered by that store or even new product samples.

Benefits of utilizing our kitting services:

Reduced inventory: We store component products and finalize product kits just before delivery.

Customized fulfillment: We drive customer or consumer satisfaction with the right products, delivered exactly as ordered.

Quick response: No matter how sudden, customized, or extensive the order, TRG Fulfillment gives you an agile and prompt resource.

Kitting fulfillment relies on different aspects of fulfillment: pulling from inventory, assembling parts, and packing properly. TRG Fulfillment has the knowledge and skills needed to ensure that each order is correctly and effectively packaged.

Our process

In order to successfully kit and ship customized products to consumers, TRG Fulfillment puts
multiple tech and staff advantages into play:

  • An efficient Warehouse Management System so that information on all inventory, orders,
    and shipments are accessible at any time
  • State-of-the-art warehousing facilities to keep merchandise safe, secure, and well-
  • Value-added services for everything from designing brochures and decorative covers to
    creating SKU labels, custom packaging, and marketing materials
  • Trained and efficient workers with adjustable workforce plans for large-scale projects or
    during busy shipping periods
  • Supply of all types of shipping materials

Expertise across every kind of kitting need

TRG Fulfillment is a warehousing and shipping business with a comprehensive operation that
handles all aspects of logistics, warehousing, shipping and fulfillment. We deliver kitting
solutions for a wide variety of products including but not limited to:

  • Gift baskets
  • Retail product display set-ups (freestanding and shelf-attached)
  • “Bonus” packages used in special promotions
  • Retailer launch kits
  • Key buyer kits
  • Press/Influencer kits
  • And almost any other kitting need

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