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Returns are an unfortunate reality, but with our skilled team and efficient systems, we’ll turn your products around and handle refunds and refurbishments as quickly as possible. We want you and your customers to be happy!

Returns and Refurbishment
Returns and Refurbishment

Efficient Customer Returns

Whether the fit was wrong, or the consumer just plain old changed their mind, returns are an inevitable reality of any retail business. At TRG Fulfillment, we process returns as quickly as possible according to your specifications. We keep your inventory levels up to date and your customers happy.


In the case of damaged goods, TRG will follow your specific guidelines for refurbishment. If possible, a damaged item will be repaired and replaced into inventory. Our team of experts will follow your detailed guidelines established during our intake process. Thanks to our efficient processes, skilled workforce, and 3PL Central, we have a long history of satisfied customers.

Our process involves the following steps:

  1. The returned product is received and placed in the returns processing area.
  2. The returned item is inspected by Quality Control for any damage.
  3. If the returned item is not damaged, it is updated in the WMS and returned to stock for resale.
  4. If the returned item is damaged, the client is notified; WMS is updated; and a new order is placed to replace the damaged item. We follow our client’s instructions for handling refurbishments.

With our Cloud-based WMS, 3PL Central, this process moves quickly and makes tracking and inventory data available to you at all times.

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