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B2B Fulfillment + Distribution

Keeping shelves stocked with the latest and greatest keeps shop owners, managers and customers happy. From large wholesale orders for retail giants to ‘mom and pop’ shops, we have you covered with smart customized solutions.


What we do for you

Business-to-Business fulfillment, aka wholesale product fulfillment, is the process of fulfilling bulk orders to other businesses, retailers, or distribution centers rather than directly to the consumer. B2B orders are typically less frequent but contain a higher quantity of product than B2C orders.

The size of B2B shipments makes shipping and logistics a bit trickier than B2C orders. Additionally, there are often complicated industry and retailer regulations for B2B shipments. All the more reason why it’s imperative to have an experienced B2B fulfillment partner, which is why, with over 20 years of experience, we can be there to help you! We ship to thousands of “brick and mortar” retail locations, major chain stores, large eCommerce entities, QVC, and ‘mom and pop’ shops. Our services include but are not limited to:

checkmark Customized retail fulfillment solutions

checkmark EDI Compliant

checkmark Multi-Channel retail support

checkmark Moment-by-moment inventory tracking

checkmark Shipping to thousands of “brick and mortar” retail locations, major chain stores, large eCommerce entities , QVC, and ‘mom and pop’ shops

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