Fulfillment Services

Fulfilling Every Expectation

TRG Fulfillment empowers your business with full-scale fulfillment services. We specialize in high-speed, high-accuracy B2C Ecommerce and B2B distribution, with an impressive suite of value-added services. After 25 years of world class 3PL services, we’ve fine-tuned everything from our location and infrastructure, to our EDI integration and customer service practices. On top of it all, our warehouses in Los Angeles are perfectly positioned to save you and your customers time and money.

Our fulfillment services elevate your logistics operations, help you scale your business, and connect you with a trustworthy team of fulfillment experts that always have your back.

B2C ecommerce Fulfillment

B2C Ecommerce Fulfillment Strategically located in Los Angeles, our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your B2C e-commerce orders are not just fulfilled, but are handled with precision, speed, and an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction. We receive orders via any medium—phone, fax, mail, web, email, or EDI—we’re built for flexibility. Our dedicated temperature-controlled assembly space ensures

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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

TRG delivers cost-effective supply chain management and logistics support. When it comes to shipping your products, quickness and reliability is our goal. With the latest tracking technology and strong relationships with world class carriers, we choose the ideal route for your orders, every single time.

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Kitting & Assembly Services

With 30K sq ft of space dedicated to high-volume kitting and assembly, our team receives, repackages, and re-labels your product exactly how you want it. For retailers, distributors, wholesale, and ecommerce orders alike, efficiency and accuracy is the name of the game.

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Inventory Management Services

With our cutting edge Warehouse Management System (WMS), consistent inventory records of stock location, and stringent warehouse security, there’s no better candidate to plan and manage your inventory. Not only does our inventory management keep your products safe and secure, but it can save your business more money than you think.

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B2B Distribution and Fulfillment

Thanks to our automated EDI integrations and specialized B2B warehousing, TRG manages the complexity of your B2B orders with ease and expertise. We have years of experience providing wholesale fulfillment and distribution to large retailers and etailers with quick turnaround and routing guide compliance.

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Customer Service

We take great pride in the level of care and correspondence you receive with TRG. Our 100% in-house support team is dedicated to taking your calls, giving you answers, and keeping your shipments as stress-free as possible. Quick response time, returns processing, call centers, and tailored customer management are just a few of our guarantees.

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Storage & Shipping Services

With our 150,000 sq ft distribution center, plus over 100,000 sq ft of modernized off-site storage space, TRG meets every storage demand you can think of. High-standard inventory tracking and strict record keeping means high-accuracy, high-volume storage, plus 2-day shipping on top of it all.

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Influencer Marketing

We provide turn-key influencer marketing services that help drive your sales. This includes strategy, influencer identification and recruitment (with client approvals of influencers prior to contracting), influencer content creation and posting management, post boosting, plus detailed results monitoring and reporting.

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