Storage and Shipping

Our storage and shipping services provide a blend of modernized space, full-scale logistics expertise, and cutting-edge technology to ensure your fulfillment operations are always thriving.

Our 150,000-square-foot distribution center, hundreds of thousands of square feet of premium off-site storage, and thorough inventory accounting surpass the most strict storage demands. We hold ourselves to high standards, like lightning fast fulfillment, 2-day shipping, and competitive rates.

Prime Locations, Premium Space

Located at the heart of the logistics industry in Torrance, Los Angeles, our flagship 150,000-square-foot distribution center is tailored to cater to both bin and pallet storage, making it a dream hub for wholesale, retail kitting, and B2B shipments. Additionally, with hundreds of thousands of square feet of prime off-site storage, we offer unmatched flexibility, whether you’re a nimble startup or a vast retailer. This massive space not only ensures your products are safe but also brings substantial savings, especially for excess and overflow inventory.

Precision in Every Action

Efficiency is our hallmark. At TRG, a staggering 99.8% of all orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours of receipt, with a matching 99.8% accuracy rate. Whether it’s freight, LTL, or single-piece orders, our operations are streamlined to ensure your products reach their destination swiftly and correctly. And with us, there is no downside to this speed. No order volume is too high or complicated for our team. We’re dedicated to meeting these fulfillment standards—every day, every month, and every year.

Our commitment to precision extends to costs, as well. For starters, handing off your order fulfillment to TRG means divesting from expensive assets, and letting TRG provide the infrastructure, tools, and expertise for you. And after 25 years of business, we have strong and growing relationships with all major shipping carriers, including UPS, FedEx, Freight Consolidators, LTL trucking, and USPS. Allowing TRG to liaison these carriers means shipping discounts, exceptional customer service, and stress-free logistics planning.

Whether you’re a startup hitting your stride or an established brand venturing into new markets, our flexible storage options and dynamic order processing systems are built for high speed and high accuracy, and tailored to scale with you. No order volume is too high or too complicated for our expert team and state-of-the-art facilities.

Technology-Driven Storage Solutions

Your inventory is the heartbeat of your business, so we take it pretty seriously. With our Extensiv Warehouse Management System (WMS), we provide real-time tracking and reporting, ensuring you’re always in the know. Our clients have complete access to customized dashboards, offering an array of report options from real-time inventory activity to shipment tracking.

What this means for you is absolute transparency and control over your inventory, anytime, anywhere. Not to mention, as part of the TRG family, we’re always aware of ways you can optimize storage costs. We regularly review our warehouse planning to reassure our clients that everything is tip top. By combining logical warehouse layouts with our state-of-the art WMS, we keep our finger on the pulse of your inventory, so you don’t have to.

TRG doesn’t just offer storage and shipping; we provide peace of mind. Your products are safeguarded with state-of-the-art security systems, ensuring their safety during all phases of the storage and shipping process. From drop shipping that facilitates inventory-free business operations to bulk shipping from our premium facilities, we’ve got all your needs covered. 

Consider us as a seamless extension of your business. In fact, we’re not just another overhead cost, we are a direct investment in your success. With our competitive storage pricing and shipping discounts, we aim to increase your profit margins while keeping a keen eye on internal opportunities for optimized costs.

Ready to experience logistics like never before? Reach out to us today and let’s create a storage and shipping solution that’s tailored just for you.

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