Kitting and Assembly Services

Our high volume kitting and assembly services are second to none! We offer kitting for retailers and etailers, distributors, and wholesalers, making your fulfillment cost effective, efficient, and putting your brand in front of customers in the best way possible. At TRG, we bag, tag, pick and pack, and ship within 24 hours, with expertise in high-volume SKUs like apparel, healthcare, and cosmetics.

Dedicated Kitting Spaces and Streamlined Order Fulfillment

With 30,000 sq ft. dedicated exclusively for kitting and production, coupled with 12 state-of-the-art 50-foot assembly lines, we’re more than equipped to handle the demands of high-volume retail kitting. Whether you’re a manufacturer eyeing cost-effective rework, re-labeling, or repackaging, or a distributor pressed for time, our setup is tailored for high-volume operations.

Every kitting and assembly project is meticulously supervised by a dedicated project manager, ensuring timelines are met and every detail is attended to, from planning to meeting specific requirements for retailers. For large kitting projects, you’ll enjoy open channels of communication with our managers and direct access to inventory updates while we refine, redefine, and deliver perfection to every customers’ order.

Any Way You Want It: Custom, Flexible Kitting For All

At the heart of our kitting services lies an experienced team that has mastered the nuances of order processing. From barcoding, re-labeling, and QC, we diligently follow order specifications to ensure each shipment is seamlessly prepared and dispatched, while customer satisfaction remains our north star.

Besides amazing presentation, kitting with us comes with great benefits, including a significant reduction in inventory space, as we store component products and only finalize kits just prior to delivery. Add to that the capability to drive customer delight by delivering precisely what they ordered, every single time.

Our versatility in kitting and assembly knows no bounds. Be it gift baskets, intricate retail product display setups, bonus packages for special promotions, key buyer kits, or press/influencer kits, we’ve got your custom orders covered.

B2C and B2B? No problem.

Our specialized kitting involves a blend of inventory management, precise assembly, and impeccable packaging prowess, so no order is too small or too large for us. From simple eCommerce orders, to mass distribution to big retailers and department stores, we’ve got you covered.

Our process, powered by an advanced WMS, ensures every piece of inventory data is at our fingertips (and yours). Our facilities, equipped with the latest in warehousing technology, guarantee the safety and organization of your merchandise. Beyond just assembly, our value-added services encompass everything from crafting custom packaging to designing promotional materials. Driving all of this is a team of fulfillment veterans, ever-ready to scale up for larger projects or during peak periods.

We’re ready to meet your Kitting and Assembly needs with unmatched expertise. With ample assembly space, an intelligent labor force, and a relentless pursuit of merchandising perfection, there’s no better choice for your company’s B2C and B2B kitting. When you’re ready to transform your brands kitting and bundling operations, give us a call. We’ll create a solution that’s perfect for you.

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