B2C Ecommerce Fulfillment

Strategically located in Los Angeles, our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your B2C e-commerce orders are not just fulfilled, but are handled with precision, speed, and an unmatched dedication to customer satisfaction.

We receive orders via any medium—phone, fax, mail, web, email, or EDI—we’re built for flexibility. Our dedicated temperature-controlled assembly space ensures that our pick & pack processes are not only efficient but also exceptionally accurate. No matter what kind of ecommerce business you’re running, we have you covered.

Plus, with a history of 99% of orders processed in 24 hours or less, we’ll make sure your customers are never left waiting. All orders received by 11AM go out the same day.

Easy Integration to Get You Started

Our integration solutions seamlessly connect to all of your sales platforms. To name a few, we connect with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, and Walmart, plus many more. The result? Quick order processing, real-time inventory management, and full tracking capabilities that keep you and your customer informed every step of the way.

TRG’s integrative approach means your eCommerce platform is flawlessly in sync with our systems. The second your customers place an order, our warehouse receives it, packs your inventory, and sends it out for delivery in record time, all without you lifting a finger.

Same-Day Shipping and Kitting

At TRG, we take speed and accuracy seriously. Connecting with us for your order fulfillment means you’ll be able to promise fast shipping and delivery to anywhere in the USA. Fast shipping for your customers means less abandoned carts, less order apprehension, and overall increased order value.

Alongside our commitment to lighting-fast turnaround, as your long-term ecommerce fulfillment partner we’re always on the lookout to save you money. Our B2C eCommcerce fulfillment processes are based on maximized efficiency, and with 20k sqft of space dedicated to kitting and packing, we bundle items in advance, kit, and repackage your inventory to exact specifications. This keeps your customers happy, along with your wallet.

High-Volume? No problem.

High-volume and bulk orders don’t have to delay shipping times or complicate fulfillment. With a robust inventory management system, quick pick and pack, and expertise in high-volume SKUs, we get your orders fulfilled and on the road with surgical precision. Real time inventory tracking, intuitive storage practices, and a commitment to fast shipping all make this a breeze for you and your customers.

Not to mention, if you’re a larger online retailer, we happily manage the complexity of our clients’ wholesale and B2B orders alongside their B2C. After 25 years, we’ve made great relationships with the nation’s best carriers, saving you big on shipping costs with impressive discounts.

Here at TRG, we’re equipped to handle all of your B2C ecommerce needs, and scale with your business as you grow. Whether it’s processing returns, Amazon FBM services, or rush orders over the weekends and holidays, our commitment knows no bounds. We’re here for you, any time, any day. From custom-tailoring your fulfillment solutions and integration to handling overtime shipments, we can do it all.

When you’re ready to explore the best order fulfillment services in Los Angeles, give us a call or reach out through our website, and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

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