The Gold Standard in Electronics Fulfillment

We provide cost-effective, white-glove fulfillment solutions for B2B and B2C consumer electronics orders. From larger products like TVs and stereo systems, to earbuds, chargers and batteries, we have the security and the accuracy for all your tech fulfillment needs.

Our suite of services includes serial number capture, product testing, professional handling, and kitting and assembly. Our cloud-based warehouse management software, optimized packing space, and reliable customer service make us the best choice for electronics fulfillment in Los Angeles.

Optimized for Your Tech’s Success

  • Precision Packed: With seasoned professionals on our team, each item, no matter how fragile, is handled with expertise and efficiency. Whether it’s B2B distribution or B2C deliveries, capturing serial numbers, or meticulous inventory security, our mantra is high-volume, high-accuracy.
  • Technology and Expertise: Leveraging our advanced WMS, your high-value electronics will always be accounted for and stored to optimize costs. Not just that, but our kitting, assembly, and product testing services are managed by on-site experts, ensuring your products leave our hands in perfect condition, with perfect presentation for your customers.
  • Adaptable, Safe Storage: We’ve invested in state-of-the-art security measures, ensuring your products are stored out of harm’s way. With a 250,000 sq ft distribution center, plus state-of-the-art offsite facilities Under high security, your inventory storage options will remain flexible, and cater to the changes involved in a constantly growing industry.
  • Proven Systems: We’ve thrived in the ever-growing consumer electronics industry for 20 years. And over the past two decades, we’ve become more and more reliable in electronics fulfillment. As popular electronics change every year, we keep up and work with you to optimize costs, update your inventory, and keep your high-value items safe.

Your Best 3PL Choice for Consumer Electronics

From reception at the warehouse, through retail channels, to the end consumer, every step of our electronics fulfillment is calibrated for excellence. We know the importance of getting valuable electronics into the consumer’s hands quickly and safely.

Whether you’re an electronics company looking for D2C shipping, or mass distribution to large retailers like Walmart and Target, TRG has the infrastructure and the experience to keep your business and your customers happy.

Ready to elevate your consumer electronics fulfillment? Trust in TRG. Contact us today to learn how we help clients like you every day.

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Discover how TRG Fulfillment can improve your supply chain and take care of your logistics operations. We’ll help you create a seamless and efficient pathway from production to delivery, giving you the unparalleled advantage of partnering with the best 3PL company there is, regardless of industry or size.

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