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Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics landscape is constantly changing. TRG Fulfillment offers secure, industry-leading warehouse management services and a team dedicated to our customers’ success, so we can help you solve even the most complex logistics or fulfillment challenge.

Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics

The latest and greatest tech deserves cutting-edge fulfillment

From the latest gadgets to time-tested appliances, the electronics industry is a billion dollar industry that has its own set of unique requirements. AT TRG, we house a full suite of services under one roof, so your fulfillment is all integrated here and we can easily monitor your business in one place.

TRG has been shipping sensitive technology items for over 20 years, so we are able to provide the security, the care, and the management resources you need to get complex items from point A to point B. Our flexible warehouse management systems are designed to meet changing demands in this ever-changing landscape. The fulfillment methods and services we offer include B2B, B2C, serial number capture, precise inventory control, testing, and more.

What we offer:

Secure warehouse environment

Precise inventory control

Serial number capture

Product testing

Kitting services


Careful handling

Why TRG Fulfillment is right for you:

Our packers are pros: Your fragile electronics are in the capable hands of knowledgeable and experienced workers.

Our warehouse is secure: With cameras, motion and glass detectors, and alarm systems in place, your products are protected 24/7.

Our space is flexible: Whether you’re selling large items or small, we have the warehouse space to accommodate your needs, and we can adjust quickly as your needs change.

Our technology is superior: With our 3PL Central warehouse management system, you will know how much product is in stock, how sales are going, and track every sale from order to delivery.

Our systems are proven: We have over 20 years of experience and a proven track record of successful electronics fulfillment that you can count on.

We know the importance of getting valuable electronics into the consumer’s hands quickly and safely, and we want to make sure both you and your customers are happy.

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