Superior FDA-Certified Warehousing in Los Angeles

TRG is an FDA certified warehouse, meaning we can handle your storage, shipping, and packing for food, beverages, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and consumable ingredients. At our temperature-controlled facilities, not only do we abide by strict compliance protocols and FDA guidelines for consumer safety, but we create an environment where your products will thrive.

Offering services ranging from quality control, freight management for food and drink, detailed inventory oversight, to impeccable order fulfillment, we have every aspect of FDA-certified storage and shipping covered. For businesses with distinct requirements, our customized solutions ensure that the particular demands of each client are met.

Food and Beverage Fulfillment: What You Get With TRG

  • Food Packaging and Beverage Storage: We ensure your food products are stored and shipped with the utmost care, guaranteeing they reach consumers as fresh as possible and always meet compliance. With 20k sqft of temperature controlled, organized packaging space, we get our clients packaging to food processors with the utmost quickness. We are also approved to store and ship alcoholic beverages.
  • Full Protection and FDA-Compliance: a Non-Negotiable: For TRG, prioritizing consumer safety is a philosophy we live by. We ensure every product leaving our warehouses is free from contamination, damage, or any form of compromise. The penalties of failing to adhere to FDA regulations are not just financial but can mar a brand’s reputation. At TRG, our FDA-certified warehouses, combined with rigorous inspections, ensure that we not only meet but exceed standards, consistently ensuring consumer safety and brand integrity.
  • Exceptional Inventory Management for Sensitive Stock: Our powerful WMS, Extensiv, not only provides real-time tracking, storage optimization insights and sales and inventory monitoring, but works wonders for FDA-regulated products. From the dock doors to cold storage, we can quickly and easily locate and isolate food and beverage stock for QC interventions and inspections.
  • Logistical Excellence, without Compromise: We pass every inspection with flying colors, and adhere to FDA regulations to a tee–but we don’t let it slow us down. When it comes to getting your products in the hands of retailers and consumers, we excel in freight management and transportation. With a 250,000 sq ft distribution center, 14 dock doors, and close relationships with FDA-approved carriers, our clients enjoy discounted freight shipments and rapid mass-distribution with laser sharp efficiency.

Reliability and Efficiency: The TRG Promise

You deserve exceptional, stress-free storage and shipping for your FDA-regulated products. At TRG, you’ll get all that and more. Everything from our storage practices to customer service ensures you’ll be happy with our fulfillment services.

We’re much more than a storage solution, we’re an ally in upholding the promise of quality and safety to your consumers. Let’s collaborate and raise the bar in food and beverage distribution. Reach out to TRG and join hands with the best FDA-Certified warehouse in Los Angeles.

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