Direct Mail in The Electronic Age: Getting Your Name Out There


How to make the biggest impact for your business via direct mail, especially in this new electronic age

There is Nothing Old-Fashioned about Direct Mail

Direct Mail is not a relic from the stone age of marketing. Even in this age of instant electronic contact, direct mail remains a leading marketing method. Quality and experienced warehousing distribution companies such as TRG offer a specialized service to clients: the time-honored method of paper marketing, or direct mail, which takes advantage of technological advances. Direct mail marketing campaigns use technology to gather both written copy and illustrations or photos to create attractive and effective mailers.

Quick communication between businesses and marketers via the internet promotes the quick transmission of ideas, resulting in a fast turnaround time to complete a document. Whether the business uses pick and pack fulfillment services, or looks to e-commerce fulfillment companies to create and distribute effective mail campaigns, easy access to high quality printing equipment permits the production of numerous mailers in a short period. Furthermore, if something requires editing, it is easy to make the changes in house and reprint the required copies for distribution.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Reach the Right Audience for Specific Products

Any marketing material sent to the wrong set of leads is a waste of time, effort, and trees. Direct mail makes use of the same technology as internet marketers to attain the best quality pool of potential customers with an interest in a specific commodity. One of the most effective techniques makes use of mail merges make it possible to personalize each document for the specific recipient. Using the right direct mail services means getting targeted recipients with a higher probability of making a purchase of the product.

Perhaps it is the tangible nature of a document on a piece of paper, but direct mail feels more real and personalized than most email marketing campaigns. Studies bear this out: printed media is retained by the brain better than things seen on a screen.

Additionally, some products just present better on paper than any other medium. For all those “visual learners” out there, direct mail allows them to see what they need to know in order to make a purchasing decision.

Easily Measured Responses and Effectiveness Measures

Inclusion of response cards in direct mailings gives people an easy way to reach out and learn more about a product or service. Each card returned creates an opportunity to strengthen the effectiveness of any list of leads. Maintaining a list includes constant updating and augmenting. However, response cards, along with any marketing technique that opens a dialog with potential customers, offer an opportunity to explain how the recipient can customize their order with specific pieces, colors and additional components, so that when it comes to kitting and assembly of their order, they receive what they truly want. Having developed this the company should manage the affiliate program service too, as some insurance companies successfully do. (Insurance Revenue, among others – learn more by visiting their website.)

Direct Mail Marketing Makes Efficient Use of Advertising Dollars

Although direct mail has been around for a long time, people still respond to it. The Online Marketing Institute reports that every year, a high percentage of people make a purchase as the result of receiving a direct mailing. Seeing the results of direct mail may be as easy as asking all customers about how they learned of a product or the promotion at the time of purchase.

Used exclusively, or in combination with internet or television advertising, direct mail marketing provides a tangible reminder of products to every recipient.

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