Company Overview

Huisen Furniture is an industry-leading furniture manufacturer with over 4,500 SKUs and popular household furniture collections, Better Homes and Gardens and Mainstays, which are available in Walmart stores and

The Solution

A custom warehousing and fulfillment solution to support Huisen Furniture’s U.S. sales growth

Since 2005, TRG Fulfillment has partnered with Huisen Furniture providing a dedicated 3PL warehousing and fulfillment solution to support their U.S. customer base in Walmart stores and With strategically-located facilities near the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach, TRG Fulfillment provides Huisen Furniture with a cost-efficient warehousing and fulfillment solution delivering substantial transportation savings,

TRG fulfillment also provides Huisen Furniture with inventory management and customer service solutions. With our warehouse management software (WMS), Extensiv, the Huisen Furniture supply chain team can view real-time inventory levels with detailed reporting to guide supply chain decision making.

TRG Fulfillment also developed and operates the Huisen Furniture Customer Service Center boosting customer satisfaction and sales with rapid customer response times and personalized customer support.

The Results

  • ●  4,500+ SKUs managed
  • ●  99% on-time customer service resolution time
  • ●  2,000+ positive reviews on Walmart marketplace

Voice of the Customer

“TRG Fulfillment’s professionalism, personalized attention, and support have truly been the finest in the industry. Their commitment to excellence is remarkable, which has made a significant difference to the Huisen group’s business success. The Regan Group has worked over the years to expand their operation to fulfill the needs of the Huisen Furniture company. I am confident that anyone who partners with TRG Fulfillment will benefit from the same exceptional service.”

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